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Benefits of a HHESA Network Membership

The main objective is to connect the dots – those who have been a part of the Health Equity Scholars Program – so that you are aware of others in your field and that there is a space [BN1] where you can connect to exchange information, ideas, opportunities, experiences, etc. to support and help facilitate each other’s success and advance health equity work.

What we are asking for now is that you:

  1. Help disseminate information[BN2] about the HDEART Health Equity Scholars & Alumni Network
  2. Help recruit students[BN3] and faculty to attend the summer workshop and fall course
  3. Interface with your respective institutional leaders and HDEART colleagues to advance our educational and research initiatives[BN4].

At the moment we are not asking any membership dues to join the network. However, once the 501c3 is finalized, we are considering sending out a request, asking every member of the network to consider donating a minimum of $10 per month to support the development of the network and help defray the cost of future students attending the summer workshop. We are also considering extending a discount registration fee to attend the workshop and access to the archive and future workshops via streaming video. Currently, the amenities are only offered to HDEART institutional members.

  • [BN1] We are looking at a page on the HDEART website specifically for HHESA members to facilitate this?
  • [BN2] We are looking what type of information? And how would you like them to disseminate (e.g., via email, social networking sites, etc.) Suggestion would be greatly appreciated.
  • [BN3]Again how would you like to do this? Suggestions would also be greatly appreciated
  • [BN4] We are considering provide you with info (e.g., a fact sheet or something like that describing the initiatives?) Would you like this expressed in terms of what this really mean at an institutional level? The type of support from your HDEART members institutions is already stated to them. However, would you like to know that?

Finally, we are asking that you take every opportunity to education your network about and promote progressive social justice initiatives in policy agendas that will help to eliminate inequities. As I mentioned in one my blogs, a hand is stronger when its fingers are pulled together or connecting the dots.